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Thoughtful gifts for nurses

Who doesn’t like a gift? Nothing lights up a person’s mood quite like one. However that being said, gifting is an art and it is not as straight forward as it sounds. You don’t want to give an urban teenage girl clogs, trust me she won’t be caught dead in them. In this feature we review some of the most convenient gifts for nurses.

Ideas on practical gifts for nurses


Books can both be a source of knowledge, or a way to kick back and relax reading a romantic, science fiction, true stories or the various other genres out there. This is dependent on individual tastes and preferences. Get the genre right and you have one hell of a gift.

A perfect example is any novel in the Sydney Sheldon or Nancy Drew collection. Interesting investigative books with both romance and drama encompassed. Books are definitely a top choice when it comes to gifts for nurses.


A nurse stays on her feet for most of her shift which can run over 12 hours a day six days a week. Having the right shoe is an absolute priority to ease the tension on the feet and back. For those with plantar fasciitis, it is a lot worse. Find the right shoe or sandal and he/she will forever be grateful.

The New Balance women’s WX608v4 would make the perfect gift. This shoe prides itself on comfort and balance. The primary reason is the top-of-the-line cushioning on the inside and an outsole that has flexible grooves for added flexibility.

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Compression socks/stockings

Compression socks are not your everyday socks. They are elastic garments worn around the legs that are specially designed to apply pressure on the lower part of the legs. As a result, they help to maintain blood flow, they reduce swelling that may be caused by long hours of standing up, and they reduce any discomfort that may affect plantar fasciitis victims.

Buttons & pleats compression socks are a perfect example of compression socks that make great gifts for nurses. They are medical grade socks that are micro-brushed to avoid chaffing in the toe area. They offer a great fit and guarantees no slipping.

Laptop computer

In this day and age, it is almost impossible to stay without a computer. The computer provides access to the internet which is essentially the primary source of information on any subject. The nurse can research medical information using the laptop, while at the same time using it for recreational activities like playing games and watching movies and documentary. Just what the nurse may need to kick-back and relax. The fact that laptops are portable is an added bonus.

The Apple Macbook will do all this perfectly. It has a core15 processor which is very sufficient plus a hard disc that has 500 gigabits of space meaning it has enough memory to save research and also save personal files like pictures and movies.

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With today’s advancement in technology, smartphones will do almost anything including sending money, viewing bank statements, access the internet and pay bills. In addition, they have applications that are extremely helpful in the day to day life of any health-worker. A good example is symptomia which is an application that provides diagnosis on various symptoms.

The Samsung galaxy on105 is a smartphone that is easy to use and will provide all functions that a smartphone should. It also has a long battery life meaning it can go days without having to charge the battery.


The stethoscope is an auditory medical device for auscultation, which is essentially listening to the internal sounds of the human body. Its basic look consists a small disc-shaped resonator that is placed against the chest, and two tubes linked to earpieces.

The 3M Littmann Master Cardiology stethoscope is one of the best you will find around. It would be a very welcome upgrade for most nurses.

Medical encyclopedia

This is a book that contains a very large pool of information about medicine. Every medical professional nurses included, needs to have it for reference.

The American Medical Association Encyclopedia of Medicine is an excellent addition to any nurse’s library.

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