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5 prayers for nurses to keep you uplifted

As a nurse, there are times where you feel unmotivated and uninspired. And that’s totally normal to feel. Sometimes all you need is a short prayer to get you moving. Here are five prayers for nurses that you can use when feel down and beat up.

1. Prayer for strength

Holy one, as we begin this day, I ask for your guidance.
With your divine hand, Inspire, lead and give thy wisdom.
Throughout this day, may your grace be ever present in this healing place.
Bless our team, our hospital, our unit, as we gather to help those in need,
Let not your help be far away.
We seek your strength and ask that you give spirit as we make decisions for the good.
God of love, teach us to give our best, to speak with love and act with courage.
May we be good stewards of all the gifts you have given.


2. Prayer for compassion

Almighty God,
Divine Healer of all, grant me,
Your handmaiden, strength and courage in my calling.
Give to my heart compassion and understanding.
Give to my hands skill and tenderness.
Give to my mind knowledge and wisdom.
Especially, Dear Lord,
help me always to remember the true purpose of my vocation,
that of selfless service and dedication to the weak and despairing in body and spirit.


3. Prayer for everyday

Lord, may I share the gift of hope
with those I meet today;
when someone needs your comfort
give me your words to say
Let me whisper peace to those
who need your healing touch
so they may know you care, Lord,
and love them very much.


4. Prayer for dedication

Let me dedicate my life today
to the care of those
who come my way

Let me touch each one
with healing hand
and the gentle art
for which I stand

And then tonight
when day is done
O let me rest in peace
If I helped put one


5. Prayer for strength

When I falter, give me courage. When I tire, renew my strength. When I weaken because I’m human, Inspire me on to greater length. If doctors and patients become demanding, And days are too short for all my duty, Help me remember I chose to serve, To do so with grace, and spiritual beauty. In humility, Lord, I labour long hours, and though I sometimes may fret; My mission is mercy. Abide with me, that I may never forget.


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