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10 Best Apps For Nurses In 2018

Technology is always advancing, day in day out. Applications are computer programs designed to run on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. Nursing cannot afford to be left behind in this aspect and as such there are applications tailor made to suit the day to day duties of a nurse and make life that much more easier for them. In this article you’ll find ten of the best apps for nurses.

There are nursing apps that assist with everything from symptom analysis, ultrasounds and even period trackers. This are just a few in a vast pool.

Here are the 10 best apps for nurses that you should have

1. Pedi-STAT

As the name suggests, this app is designed for any medical practitioner in the field of pediatrics. It is especially handy in the emergency or critical care environment.

This app provides information on the correct endotracheal tube size and depth to use depending on the specific patient, medical dosages, ventilator settings and sedation limits. Additionally it offers access to age and weight specific pediatric equipment including airway management, Foley catheters, chest and NG tubes and many more.

It can be the difference between life and death in that it provides accurate cardiac resuscitation data that encompasses weight specific dosages for resuscitation meds, defibrillation and cardioversion.

It also monitors vital organs and detects any abnormality. All this on top of giving precise dosages on conditions such as hypoglycemia, and the correct amounts of seizure medication dosages, and even pain management prescriptions. Add management of hypoglycemia that includes age specific dextrose concentration and you have an application that is a nurse’s best friend.

With just a few taps, users have access to all the necessary data to care for a pediatric patient in an emergency setting, including weight-based and age specific medication dosages and equipment sizes.


As the name suggests, this app is primarily a diagnostic tool. It allows quick access to medical information that makes it that much easier to decipher some of the most common symptoms and come up with a diagnosis.

The application aims to aid in the diagnosis process by offering fast and easy to use source that is abundantly available. It also comes in handy to student nurses who are not yet experienced enough. It could act as a primary and vital source of information.

3. Eponyms

An eponym is something named after an individual. Lots of diseases and conditions are named after specific people. Parkinson’s disease serves as a good example. This application has a database that contains more than 1,600 descriptions of the most common medical eponyms.

The layout is simple and easy to navigate due to a very easy to use index that is complimented by a search function. The user can check for regular updates on the database and the app will provide any new eponyms that have been added recently.

Medical eponyms are made up regularly. This app will keep you in touch and on toes on any new ones that arise. For a nurse this information is vital.

4. Pocket lab values

As the name suggests, this app provides access to over 320 lab values. Both common and uncommon. The app contains vital clinical information in regard to lab results, different diagnosis and even goes as far as providing links to relevant websites for further research.

The user can also edit lab values to match the current situation plus write useful notes on there for future reference. What makes this app stand out is how regularly it gets updated. This means it is in touch with real time always. These updates are based on thorough research and are hence reliable.

5. Med mnemonics

Mnemonics are a way of remembering crucial information, some are common and some are made up by individuals. Medical mnemonics are a useful tool in helping healthcare professionals remember crucial information. This is where the Med-mnemonics application comes in handy.

This app filters mnemonics and makes it easy for the user to narrow their selections. This is made possible by a search function on the app that allows one to go through all mnemonics available. It even facilitates bookmarking of particular mnemonics for easier future reference. Alternately, you can delete mnemonics you don’t need or use.

The standout feature on this app is the ability to edit existing mnemonics to suit you personally, plus you can add mnemonics that were previously not there. This is the very definition of a personalized app.

6. Emergency Medical Spanish Guide

Spanish is one of the most common languages out there. Second only to English and followed closely by French. This app provides translations that may be vital depending on where you’re practicing.

This app uses a list of commonly used medical Spanish questions that are clustered in 21 categories. These include body systems, interview and history, vocabulary among others.

To use this application, tap the category you want and the most frequently asked questions will be listed in black text along with translations in Spanish in red text just below. This app additionally comes with an audio feature that will say all of it for you just by tapping the phrase.

7. Emergency nurse essentials

This application is tailor made for emergency room nurses. It teaches the basics of emergency nursing. It shows the user an overview of the issues faced in the emergency room. This may include treatment of a broad range of injuries and illnesses plus rapid stabilization.

In addition it confers information on the principles and concepts for common presentations in every emergency room that every ER nurse needs to know.

The list is endless and entails-but not limited to-pain management, systems of approach to assessment, treating shock, advanced life support practice pearls, vascular access and fluid replacement, respiratory emergencies, poisoning, substance abuse and overdose, behavioral health emergencies plus a lot more.


This application is renowned for accurate evidence based clinical and drug information for efficient decision making. It contains hundreds of reference videos for physical examinations, clinical procedures plus regular alerts that provide timely updates on areas such as drug approvals, new research, and even black box alerts.

Some of the features on this app include a search function with a very handy auto-completion, streamlined functionality and workflow and a favorite’s option plus a reliable history incase revisiting becomes necessary.


This app is one of the most used across the whole medical health worker fraternity. At least one in every two physicians rely on this application to ensure better care for patients by giving the right information in the most crucial of moments.

It reviews drug prescription and safety information for the various brands of medication both generic and over the counter. It looks out for potentially harmful drug on drug interactions on up-to 30 drugs at a time.

It also aids in checking authenticity of drugs by identifying imprint codes and physical characteristics. Additionally, it accesses timely medical news and research information, and finds providers for consultations and referrals depending on the user’s location.

On top of all this, it performs various calculations such as BMI indexes and Glomerular filtration rates. Add disease information, clinical practice guidelines, alternative medications and lab guides and you have one hell of a handy app for a nurse.

10. Medscape

This app provides basic medical information in plenty in a very easy to access interface. It offers valuable information in the form of a comprehensive reference data base that features over 4000 conditions, hospital procedures and essential drugs. On top of this it has a drug interaction checker plus risk calculator.

It also has all the latest medical news that are presented in a window that is distraction free. All these features come in a light-weight interface that is very well organized. The pages on drugs, procedures and conditions are very comprehensive and they ensure this application is basically a medical handbook that is way more accessible.

The bonus on this app is that it incorporates accredited CME/CE courses, plus it allows the user to save valuable information in the form of news articles and drug and clinical reference articles for future reference.

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